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Reserve Policy

At this time we have a character limit of two characters per player. You may reserve one character at a time. We do not accept challenge reserves or challenge applications. You cannot reserve the same character for two consecutive months, however if the character is still unclaimed you can re-reserve them the month after that.

Reserves open on the 1st of the month and expire on the 25th of the same month.

Applications and any revisions must be in for consideration by midnight on the 25th.

Accepted characters must wait until their entrance post on the 1st of the following month to begin play but they can add the logs/network/adventure/ooc comms once they’re accepted and are encouraged to post an OOC intro.

Current Reserves

All reserves made this round will be held until July 25th.


Copy and paste the form below and we'll hold your character for the app round. After each round, reserves will be screened.